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Bringing your ideas to life with practical intelligence

Anna Hill gets things done. During her 12-year career as a reputation management specialist, Anna advised high-achieving women and female entrepreneurs in the public and private sector.

Her practical ‘can and will do’ attitude served her well and it wasn’t long before a passion for organisation became the focus of her own entrepreneurial endeavour, Tidy Minds.

More of a do-er than a talker, Anna provides practical solutions to help people improve their surroundings, become more organised and regain control.

From turning the dream of starting your own business into a reality to maximising a day that seems to end before it’s begun, Anna’s sensitive approach empowers others to help themselves.

Having said that, she’s also pretty nifty with a filing cabinet and relishes the challenge of an unruly spare room – let her loose and you’ll have your own home office before you know it.

To find out more about becoming a Tidy Minds client, please complete the enquiry form below:

Anna Hill, Owner & Director

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Tidy Minds is a trading name of Thrive Media Services Limited Registered number 7327893

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